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Continue to read your reading story and study your spelling words each night.
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Homework Assignments:
Weekly Summary Sheet for First Grade
October 9-15, 2013
Reading: “Jack and the Wolf” Read your story aloud every night to gain fluency and expression.
Vocabulary test on Monday.
*Vocabulary: come, call, away, yell, his, said, hear, every, hill, will
Reading comprehension test and oral test on Tuesday.
*Spelling: had, sad, bad, pan, mad, can, ran, sack, pack, back
Please complete the spelling worksheet that is sent home each night. Practice test on Monday. Final test on Tuesday.

Math: 1.5 The student will recall basic addition facts with sums to 18 or less and the corresponding subtraction facts.
1.6 The student will create and solve one-step story and picture problems using basic addition facts with sums to 18 or less and the corresponding subtraction facts.

1.18 The student will demonstrate an understanding of equality through the use of the equal sign.

Science: Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
1.6 The student will investigate and understand the basic relationships between the sun and Earth. Key concepts include
a) the sun is the source of energy and light that warms the land, air, and water; and
b) the sun’s relative position in the morning is east and in the late afternoon is west.

Reminders: As the weather changes, students should wear a jacket to school. It can be cool when we walk to the gym for PE. Also, boots are not allowed on the gym floor. Tennis shoes may be brought to school to wear in the gym.

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Continuing Course Information:
Read your weekly story each night! Study for your spelling tests!