July 24, 2014 
Patrick County Public Schools
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Stuart, Virginia 24171
Phone: 276-694-3163  -  Fax: 276-694-3170
Freedom of Information Requests
The page has been developed so that the people may know more about individual requests for information, thus creating more openness in our public school system.  Requests for information will be posted as well as the response, subject to a 100 page limit and if we are able to post the response.  Requests larger than 100 pages may be seen at the School Board Office, if practical.  The requests will remain here for at least six months.  If you would like to submit a request for information please see the policy below and follow the directions. Requests will continue to be processed as per the policy.
FOIA Policy and Form
FOIA Requests Received
FOIA Responses